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Workplace Restoration (St. John’s)

September 27, 2022 - September 29, 2022

Session Topic

How do workplaces become toxic? These damaging environments often develop following a significant negative event, or because of a series of issues that slowly erode morale over time.  The results can be devastating for an organization, leading to conflicts, a loss of talented team members, and a steady decline in productivity.

The Workplace Restoration program uses role-playing exercises, case studies and facilitated discussions to help you identify, monitor and address these situations. This program is critical for organizations experiencing disruption in workplace relations, such as prolonged conflict or bullying, increasing harassment or grievance claims, leadership issues, strikes, investigations, mergers and acquisitions, terminations or significant organizational changes.

Program details

A poisoned workplace is one in which the behaviours of people negatively affect communication and productivity. This hostile environment has a substantial impact on trust, morale, employee retention and your bottom line. Learn how to identify the root causes and restore a healthy, respectful and productive work environment.

a) Do you know what’s really happening in your workplace?

You’ll learn how to recognize the activities, events and issues that contribute to a toxic work environment, and how to use screening tools to better understand the signs and symptoms of conflict. We’ll explore ways to communicate the assessment process and discuss methods for working with employees to get at the root of the problem.

b) Using evidenced –based data for real analysis

Using simulations and proven methodologies, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new data collection techniques to support your analysis of your workplace and identify specific causes. You’ll learn how to create surveys and reports that clearly describe problems and provide direction for a rebuilding plan.

c) Developing a collaborative action plan

Stakeholder buy-in is a critical component of your planning process. We’ll help you develop a strategy that is transparent, collaborative and builds trust. You’ll learn how to communicate the results of your assessment and the situations that are negatively impacting your organization, while providing a safe space for honest discussions that pave the way towards workplace restoration.

d) Creating your healthy workplace

Once your restoration strategy is developed, we’ll show you how to effectively implement it. You’ll learn techniques and tools for building trust and coaching champions across the organization, which will in turn increase confidence and productivity.

e) Staying the course

Ensure that your action plan is sustainable with monitoring and ongoing assessment of your work environment. We’ll provide you with measurement tools to track potential recurrences, and practice strategies for addressing resistance to change.

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September 27, 2022
September 29, 2022

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