Awards of Distinction - CPHR NL


In 2022, the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Newfoundland and Labrador (CPHR-NL) launched a new Awards of Distinction Program with three awards including: (a) President’s Award; (b) Team Award; and (c) Association Volunteer Award.

The Awards of Distinction shine a spotlight on individuals who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in the field of human resources or overall excellence in human resources which contribute to the recognition and advancement of the human resources profession as a whole.

The President’s Award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in the field of human resources rather than for a single contribution.

The Team Award recognizes innovative human resource leadership and practices in such areas as workforce planning and talent management, recruitment and retention, learning and development, health and safety, change management, labor-management relations, employee engagement and performance management, to cite a few examples.

The Association Volunteer Award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the work of the Association in a volunteer capacity.


Any individual or team is eligible to be nominated for an award. Award recipients do not have to be members. Current members of the Association’s Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination.

Nominations remain active for three years. This means that unsuccessful nominations will be automatically re-considered for up to two subsequent years.


If you know of an Individual or Team who should be honored, please complete the appropriate nomination form. The nomination package must include: (a) Nomination Form (fully completed); and (b) Nominee Summary of Qualifications & Achievements.

Completed nomination packages should be submitted to [email protected] .


Forms can be completed online or manually. See below for links to both online and PDF forms.

President’s Award: On-line Form PDF Form
Team Award: On-line Form PDF Form
Association Volunteer Award: On-line Form PDF Form


Applications may be submitted throughout the year.  For the 2024 awards season, the deadline for submission of nominations is May 21st.