CPHR Academic Program - CPHR NL

Foundational Courses

This is the first step to pursuing the CPHR Designation. CPHR Newfoundland & Labrador requires completion of the foundational courses before writing the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). CPHR Canada added this coursework requirement to ensure that registrants for the NKE have a foundational knowledge of the CPHR Competency Framework. The coursework requirement builds on the credibility of the CPHR designation by establishing a standard for the educational needs of a CPHR. This requirement is applicable unless the individual is covered by another eligible path.

The coursework requirement may be met in the following ways:
• Completion of an accredited program that covers the foundational courses
• Continuing Education courses in HR
• HR courses already completed within your non-HR post-secondary program OR
• The CPHR Academic Program with Captus Press


• Accounting and Financial Management
• Human Resources Management
• Industrial Relations
• Organizational Behaviour
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Recruitment and Selection
• Strategic Compensation
• Strategic Human Resources Planning
• Training and Development

Course Equivalents Self Assessment – Options

Captus Press has created a PLAR equivalency database that lists courses from post-secondary institutions across Newfoundland & Labrador and Canada that are equivalent to the CPHR Canada required courses. You can access this database to self-assess.

Option 1: Have you found some of your HR courses listed? Click here to create a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) with Captus Press.

Option 2: Have you taken some courses but don’t see them on the list? You would need to apply for a Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR) through Captus Press. 

CPHR Academic Program

CPHR Canada, in partnership with Captus Press, has set up the following online courses to help members obtain the required foundational coursework. Taught by leading Canadian HR professors, each course provides extensive multimedia lectures with downloadable PowerPoint slides, progress quizzes, and a discussion board where you will interact with your instructor and other students and post answers to assignments.

Visit the CPHR academic program to review these courses and to see which are open for registration.

Course equivalencies may be offered at our Accredited Post-Secondary Institutions.

Descriptions of each of the nine courses can be viewed here.

To register with Captus Press Inc. click here.

Individuals who complete the entire Captus CPHR Academic Program, with a 70% average or higher, may be eligible to apply for an NKE exemption. Learn more here.

Do you have more questions about the CPHR Academic Program? View our FAQ page here.

Questions about the Foundational Courses? Review the Foundational Course Requirement FAQs