Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct - CPHR NL

The Chartered Professional in Human Resources Canada’s (CPHR’s) CPHR Canada Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct expresses the commitment that CPHR Canada’s Associations make to the ethical delivery of human resources practice by their members.

As a Member Association to the national body, a fundamental objective of CPHR NL is to protect the interests of the public by ensuring that human resources professionals are competent and conduct themselves in an honourable and ethical manner.

The Code sets out the duties owed by human resources professionals to employers, clients, employees, other professionals, the Association, and the public. It applies to all Members whether working as employees, consultants, or independent practitioners.

The content of the Code represents the Associations’ minimum standards of acceptable professional conduct or behaviour. While the Code intends to provide clear and prescriptive guidance in ethical issues, it will not exhaust the full range of ethical issues that the member may encounter nor does it extinguish or replace the need for Members to exercise sound professional judgement.

In addition to its main purpose as noted above, the Code

  • Increases awareness of key ethical issues;
  • Stimulates and legitimizes dialogue around ethics;
  • Guides decision making;
  • Builds trust amongst, human resource professionals, the business community, and employees;
  • Furthers the positive public identity of CPHR Canada, its Member Associations, and the HR profession;
  • Inspires members and CPHRs to higher principles of conduct; and
  • Provides guidelines on enforcement of the Code the Code and Rules of Professional Conduct.

If you have any questions about the code or would like to report a non-compliance, please contact [email protected].