Member Referral Program - CPHR NL

Refer a Member and Earn a Financial Reward!

We know members’ word of mouth is the #1 reason people hear about the Association and subsequently join.  We want to capitalize on this to grow the Association and reward Members’ efforts in enticing new members to join! 

How the Program Works:

For each new member joining the Association as a result of a CPHR-NL member referral, the referring member will receive a cash reward equal to 25% of the value of the new membership fee coming into the Association. For example, if you refer a CPHR Member paying an annual membership fee of $345.00, then the cash reward will be $86.25. The reward for referring a Regular Member would be $50.00.

Payment of the reward will be made after the new member has officially joined the Association and paid the appropriate membership fee.  Annual renewals of existing members or members rejoining the Association after a lapse of less than two years do not qualify as new referrals.  To receive credit for a referral, the referring member’s name must be explicitly identified by the incoming new member on the Association’s membership application form.

This program represents another opportunity to build a bigger and stronger Association. We look forward to receiving your referrals!