Mentorship Program - CPHR NL


The Mentorship Program is a CPHR NL member’s only benefit. Its purpose is to match HR mentees with mentors with a single purpose in mind–supporting their professional development and career growth in a meaningful way. It is not a job search program.

The Mentorship Program length is 7 months, with a minimum expectation and requirement of meeting once per month for one hour in length. This structured mentorship relationship will qualify for 1 CPD point per hour, to a maximum of 25 CPD hours over a three year period.

Timelines and Intakes

The Mentorship program will open up to all registered members of CPHR NL on March 15th. Mentors and Mentees will then have until April 7th to submit their respective applications. The Mentorship committee will then begin the process of review and matching all applications, letting the matches know by April 30th.

CPHR NL Mentorship Program Requirements

Mentor Qualifications

  • CPHR NL Member in good standing
  • Ability to commit to 7 months, 1 hour per month, or as mutually agreed
  • Willingness to participate and share knowledge in at least one area of HR
  • Respectful of others wellbeing and differences in opinions, values, and interests
  • Good Listener – listen, and determine when/if support and advice is appropriate
  • Motivated – have the ability to motivate a mentee to allow them to reach their full potential

Mentee Qualifications

  • CPHR NL Member in good standing throughout the program (Can apply without being a member but must join CPHR NL to participate in the program)
  • Desire to advance knowledge and/or career in HR
  • Ability to commit to 7 months, 1 hour per month, or as mutually agreed
  • Ability to proactively set agenda, lead the relationship with thoughtful questions, and set solid goals and objectives with the mentor assigned
  • Respectful of others wellbeing and differences in opinion, values, and interests
  • Student applicants must be on the pathway to becoming an HR professional. This will typically mean enrolment to Memorial University of Newfoundland or the College of the North Atlantic in their respective business human resources programs.

Mentorship Application

To apply to this program, please click on the link below, fill in all necessary information, and submit to Please note, there is no fee to apply for or participate in the 2021 CPHR NL Mentorship Program. 

*Mentor, mentee partnership is not guaranteed upon an application. All applicants will be contacted inform if a match can be accommodated. 


These resource documents will assist all parties in developing a healthy positive mentorship relationship.


Should you have further questions or comments on the program, please contact:

You may also reach the CPHR NL Board Members associated with the Mentorship Program: