Executive, Board & Committees - CPHR NL

Administration Staff

Office Manager:  Kim Noseworthy
Tel:  709-351-4134

Board Executive

President Leroy Murphy president@cphrnl.ca
Vice President Tami MacDonald vicepresident@cphrnl.ca
Secretary Marsha Hiscock secretary@cphrnl.ca
Treasurer Mike Baker treasurer@cphrnl.ca


Communications Alex Gibson communications@cphrnl.ca
Certification Jennifer Penney certification@cphrnl.ca
Continuing Professional Development Catherine Senior professionaldevelopment@cphrnl.ca
Learning and Education Lavinia Sutton learningeducation@cphrnl.ca
Membership Shauna Quinlan membership@cphrnl.ca
At Large Roshni Antony  

A description of the Board positions including key duties, can be viewed by clicking HERE

Should you be interested in a vacant Board position, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your interest in an email to president@cphrnl.ca.