Executive, Board & Committees - CPHR NL

Administration Staff

Executive Director: Ann Marie Hann
Tel:  709-325-4429

Board Executive

President Leroy Murphy
Vice President Tami MacDonald
Secretary Marsha Hiscock
Treasurer Mike Baker


Communications Alex Gibson
Certification Jennifer Penney
Continuing Professional Development Shawn Bishop
Learning and Education Jessica Gorman
Membership Shauna Quinlan
At Large Vacant


A description of the Board positions including key duties, can be viewed by clicking HERE

Should you wish to get a hold of one of the Directors above, please email to cphrnl@cphrnl.ca, and we’ll direct your inquiry further. 

Should you be interested in a vacant Board position, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your interest in an email to executivedirector@cphrnl.ca.