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Learn and Connect is your guide to Chartered Professionals in Human Resources in Newfoundland and Labrador (CPHR NL) events! CPHR NL’s Professional Development (PD) Program covers the full spectrum of the HR field. The program provides members and others with high performance learning experiences designed to help members meet the demands of an ever changing and increasingly global work environment. CPHR NL’s PD events align with the CPHR’s Competency Framework and count as continuing professional development hours for CPHRs.

The program includes a variety of learning opportunities, including:

  • Dinners/luncheons – networking learning events with a guest speaker covering a current topic, trend, or practice.
  • Seminars – multi-speaker events that explore a specific topic or theme.
  • Webinars – live online learning that’s convenient and easily accessible from any location.
  • Workshops – practical sessions that enable attendees to return to their workplaces and apply strategies, tools, and skills learned in the session.
  • Roundtables – engaging discussions on a particular topic. Attendees share as much as they learn and have the opportunity to discuss best practices, and obstacles and potential solutions.