Speaker Proposal Form - CPHR NL

Thank you for your interest in speaking as part of CPHR NL’s professional development program.

All proposals from potential speakers will be reviewed on a monthly basis to support our ability to be responsive to current issues identified by our members. In addition, all proposals submitted will be compiled and analyzed at key points during each professional development cycle in order to support CPHR NL to meet the diverse learning needs of our members. Proposals will be considered active for one year from the date of the submission.

Before beginning to complete the proposal submission, we suggest you review the form to ensure that you have all the required information necessary to submit a complete proposal.

Proposed content should include the following:

  • addresses a hot topic, current challenge or trend
  • emphasizes the application of strategies and use of tools (i.e.: more tips than theory)
  • engages the audience in discussion and questions and answers
  • considers the current state of the economy and of the labour market

Proposal Layout

  • Title and overview (maximum of 400 words)
  • Learning objectives (3-6 SMART objectives)
  • Preferred format/length (half-day or full-day workshop, 1.5-hour webinar, or other)
  • Alignment to the required professional capabilities
  • Speaker name(s), contact information and bio(s) (300 words)

 How does CPHR NL select speakers?

  • Speaker’s credentials, reputation and subject expertise
  • Relevant references
  • Proposed topic, relevance to the profession, new approach or research findings
  • Ratings based on past session evaluations (where applicable)
  • Assessment of the value to the human resources and business community
  • How the presentation proposal supports CPHR NL’s mission and vision


  • The proposal form will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • While all fields are optional, please provide as much information as you are able to.
  • Your responses cannot be saved; please complete the proposal form in one sitting.
  • Once your proposal has been submitted, CPHR NL will be automatically notified.