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Volunteer Opportunities

CPHR-NL Mentorship Program 2022

Continuing the success of 2021, the Mentorship Program 2022 will open up to all registered members of CPHR-NL on January 17, 2022. Mentors and Mentees will then have until February 7, 2022, to submit their respective applications.

The Mentorship Committee will then begin the process of reviewing and matching all applications, letting the matches know before April 1, 2022. The program will then run for seven months until October 28, 2022

For all information surrounding the CPHR-NL Mentorship Program please check out the link, where Application Forms and Mentorship Program Handbooks can be found.

CPHR-NL Mentorship Program 2022

Please note, even Mentors and Mentees from 2021 can apply! If you know someone emerging in their HR career, please consider sharing this link.

Can’t find all the information you need and have more questions on the program? Please feel free to email [email protected].

HR Hotline

In 2021, the Association introduced a new mentorship program matching mentees with mentors with a single purpose in mind – supporting mentees’ professional development and career growth. Due to the success of this program, a second round of applications is now being launched. The program is primarily designed to support HR professionals early in their careers. Another membership group that would benefit from support, albeit in a different way, are mid to senior-level HR practitioners. 

CPHR NL has many members who are experts in a variety of HR areas. They also experience or understand many of the workplace challenges many members face on a regular basis. Our new HR Hotline will enable members to access other seasoned member volunteers by phone for advice, support and as a valuable information resource.

Through our HR Hotline, members responsible for HR in their organizations, large or small, will be provided the opportunity to access HR Hotline volunteers by phone to discuss workplace issues as individual circumstances arise.  The Hotline volunteers can serve as a sounding board, offer that second opinion or work through a workplace challenge with members as they call in, in the same way a friend might offer advice on personal matters when you ask.  Both parties’ benefit from a one-on-one professional relationship to share practical insights and supportive advice and guidance. 

For more information on the program, please check out the link below where further details can be found. Should you have follow-up questions on the program, please contact Executive Director Ann Marie Hann directly by email at [email protected] or by phone at 709-325-4429 (St. John’s).

For the full HR Hotline brief, please click on the link below.

HR Hotline Brief