Mentorship Blog Article - CPHR NL

January 2022

The first thing we want to articulate in this article is “Thanks.” We like to think of CPHR-NL as a small but mighty association, one that punches above its weight in terms of outreach and engagement. The inaugural CPHR NL Mentorship Program has just concluded for 2021. The program is an example of how the association has been extending its outreach and engagement for the HR community over this past year.

At present, CPHR-NL has over 160 members. This membership has grown by close to 20% within less than a year. However, this isn’t even the most exciting and intriguing statistic. Of these 160+ members, the association had 42 members eagerly raise their hands to participate in this mentorship program; an engagement rate of more than 25%. To all of the HR members that put up their hands to volunteer for this program over this past year, we appreciate the work and time you put into this. From Mentors to Mentees, we all had a part to play making the inaugural program a huge success.

Newfoundland and Labrador have an integrated Human Resources group that is well connected with one another and the Mentorship Program has demonstrated there is a strong desire in our community to help, be connected, and learn. We’re sure all of us have our moments upon reflection looking into our careers, whether it’s now just starting or well into, that someone helped you. Someone assisted. Someone provided that guidance that you needed in a critical step. Isn’t that what mentorship is all about? Having a dedicated person that you could communicate with? One that provides advice and feedback, elevating you to the goals you aspire for.

Our dedicated CPHR NL Mentorship Committee checked in with participants in the program and some comments we heard include

Mentorship to me has always be an opportunity to learn more within my profession and to connect with someone who shares that same subject interest. I have been lucky in my career as I had several mentors who showed a genuine interest in my professional growth. Their ability to challenge/explore my thinking has helped me immensely on my career path. I wanted to offer some support to individuals starting their careers here in NL.  

  • Sheldon Pendergast, Mentor 

To me, mentorship is a way to create a better world full of opportunities and potential success for everyone. In theory, we all want an inclusive society that is full of diversity. Well, we can make that happen through strong and compassionate mentors that genuinely care about other people. From a professional perspective, I think it is only when you are able to relate and see your future self in someone else that you can acquire the vision and strength needed to achieve your goals/dreams. 

  • Elena Daher Moreno, Mentee, CPHR NL Mentorship Program

As an experienced HR practitioner, this program has given me the opportunity to mentor an HR professional that was starting out in their career. It gave us both a chance to learn from each other, I could provide suggestions from my many years in the field and they were able to provide a new perspective. Plus, it was a way to expand my HR network, which I always value. 

It is so wonderful to see people wanting to join the HR field and have a rewarding career but there is immense value in learning to navigate certain situation from those that have done it many times.

  • Rebecca Cook, Mentor, CPHR NL Mentorship Program

Mentorship provides knowledge through experience. I believe it provides an invaluable resource. Higher learning provides an academic understanding of human resources and the knowledge needed to enter the field. Having a mentor within the community is a unique opportunity to learn about the local HR environment through experience.

  • Roxanne Kenny, Mentee, CPHR NL Mentorship Program

The value of Human Resources has never been higher than the present point in time. It seems every week, more and more job opportunities are opening themselves up within the province. A quick indeed search on Human Resources opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador earlier this month, shows 30+ roles. Some of these roles have been open for 30+ days, showcasing the intensive demand for critical talent in this area.

Businesses have relied on guidance from Human Resources throughout the COVID19 pandemic, and we have seen an increase in HR career opportunities and growth of our organization over this past year.

Let’s continue to stay connected, stay engaged, continue to grow the HR community’s strength, knowledge, and connection through mentorship. There is value for both Mentors and Mentees to stay on top of Human Resources trends. Mentorship is a two-way street, and you may end up getting the exact advice you were looking for when you needed it most.

We’ve now put out a call for the CPHR-NL Mentorship Program 2022. We hope to continue with its success and keep those in CPHR-NL well connected for years to come. For more information on the CPHR-NL Mentorship Program 2022, please click through on the link below.

CPHR-NL Mentorship Program 2022