CPHR NKE Exam Registration - CPHR NL

Do you want to join the thousands of HR professionals across Canada who have discovered the CPHR advantage? Take the first step and register for the May 26, 2022 National Knowledge Exam today! You have until March 25, 2022 to register so don’t delay!

The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) designation is a nationally recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources. It reflects a conviction that the professional practice of human resources management can safeguard the interests of employers, employees and the business community. The designation represents continuing recognition of the bearer’s professionalism.

Exam Fees

The cost of writing the NKE is $565.62 (HST included). To pay online please visit http://hrpnl.ca/pay-now.asp

Exam Refunds and Deferrals

Once the registration deadline has passed, exam fees are non-refundable. After this 60 day deadline and up until 7 days prior to the exam, you may defer to the next sitting but will be charged a deferral fee of $100 + HST, except in cases of illness or bereavement (official verification required). Within 7 calendar days of the exam date, deferrals are not allowed unless there is verified proof of extenuating circumstances such as serious illness or loss of immediate family.

Registrants who defer to a future sitting and then cancel their registration any time prior to this sitting will forfeit their initial exam fee plus any deferral fee paid.

Application Form

Attached here is the application form for the NKE. Complete the form, pay the fee online and email the form to [email protected] on or before September 6, 2016.

Thirty days prior to the scheduled exam date, you will receive written confirmation of your registration to write the NKE; the test location, time and any necessary procedures.

Please note that it is a requirement of CPHR Canada that all members who successfully complete the NKE must remain a member of a provincial organization in good standing to retain their passing test grade. Failure to maintain your membership will result in your passing result being removed from the CPHR Canada database, and you will be required to pay all fees and pass the exam again if you wish to pursue the CPHR designation at a later date.

For more information please send your inquiries to [email protected].