NKE Waiver - CPHR NL

If you are currently residing in Newfoundland and Labrador and are a graduate of an accredited program from those listed here, and meet the criteria outlined in the listing, please contact us and request the NKE Waiver Application ([email protected])

Requirements for Obtaining the NKE Waiver with the CPHR Academic Program Accreditation Option:

  • All nine courses must be taken within the CPHR Academic Program.
  • Courses credited through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition are not valid for the NKE waiver. (They remain valid for completing the coursework required to write the NKE.)

If you have read and accept the above requirements, Click Here to Apply for the Accreditation Option with the NKE waiver. 

  *You will need to sign in with your Portal Account or apply for one Here if you have not yet obtained one.

NKE Waiver – Application and Fees

NKE Waiver fee: $375 + HST  (subject to change without notice)

Steps to waiving the NKE:

  • Be a current member with CPHR NL (member dues are in addition to the NKE Waiver Application and fee)
  • Complete the NKE Waiver Application with payment. To request the NKE Waiver Application, send us an email ([email protected])
  • Request an official transcript from your accredited program be sent directly to our office from the granting institution
  • Once verified, CPHR NL will approve your waiver and you will be officially recognized as a CPHR Candidate

Important note:  This waiver applies to the NKE only. All other steps required to obtain the designation will apply and can be found here

More questions?  View the FAQ or contact our office at [email protected]