CPHR National Campaign Launches this Week - CPHR NL

This week, CPHR Canada launched the online campaign “Ask me. I’m a CPHR.”

in all member provinces. Through a series on contextual and content-based ads, business leaders across Canada will be asked questions that are top of mind for CEOs today. Questions such as: Looking to reduce your financial exposure? Ask me. I’m a CPHR.

The campaign uses landing pages and blog posts to entice the reader. When the user clicks on the ad, they will be directed to a page with tips and information based on the CPHR competency framework. For more detailed information, the user can sign up with email to receive a white paper or downloadable e-book covering the five topic areas of the campaign.

The five topic areas include:

  • Creating Leaders
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Edge
  • Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Leading From Strength

“We based the campaign on the premise that CPHRs are uniquely qualified to help business leaders in areas that are their primary concern,” says Neil Coombs. “We know from Canadian CEO surveys that these include: international volatility; keeping up with innovation; mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances; profitability; and the availability of skilled talent. This campaign demonstrates how CPHRs can help.”

The campaign is slated to run from April 17 to May 14. CPHR NL will be promoting the campaign locally through social media and through our website.

“The campaign is tightly targeted to business and HR leaders,” adds Neil Coombs. “The advantage of running the campaign online is that we can see how it is performing in key areas, within days. We’ll know which topics are garnering the most interest and can adjust it accordingly. In this way, we’re increasing the visibility and value of CPHRs where we need it the most.”