Ethics Course FAQ - CPHR NL


Why should I take an ethics course?

CPHR Canada and its member associations, including CPHR Newfoundland & Labrador, have introduced a mandatory ethics requirement that all CPHR designees must include as part of each three-year CPD requirement period starting in 2021- 2023.

CPHR Canada has developed a course to satisfy this requirement and to help you familiarize yourself with the essential concepts of ethics. More specifically, to:

  • Raise your awareness of its importance.
  • Empower you to detect ethical issues.
  • Introduce you to the ethical analysis of situations.

Upon completion you will be better prepared to play an even more critical role in your workplace.


When should I start, and have the ethics course completed by?

In the initial three-year period, you can take it any time starting in 2021 and finishing by the end of 2023.  It is your choice how to incorporate these hours into your CPD reporting going forward.


How do I report the ethics course upon completion?

You are required to report 60 hours CPD in each three-year period as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Three of the 60 hours must now relate to ethics specifically. Each three-year period of 60 hours must contain three hours relating to ethics.

If you register for the Ethics Course through CPHR Nova Scotia, your three CPD hours will be automatically entered for you into your CPD tool after completion.

We recommend you keep proof of your ethics course completion in case you are selected for an audit.

Is the ethics course mandatory?

There is a mandatory ethics requirement, but CPHR members can choose the provider. To offer more support to its members, CPHR Canada partnered with Neovox Media to create a three-hour ethics course called Professionals in Grey Areas – How to Make Ethical Decisions, which is free by invitation from your provincial association.


Do I need to pay for the ethics course?

The CPHR Canada ethics course is free for CPHR members and will provide you with the three-hour minimum.


How do I get access to the ethics course?

Register for the CPHR Canada ethics course here. After completing the registration form, you will receive the link to the ethics course.



What information do I need to register?

To register for the ethics course you need to have the email address provided in the email sent to you, your CPHR ID number and know the province where your designation resides. The province is case sensitive and should be spelled Nova Scotia in order to register.